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Welcome to the NMSEA "AFICIONADO" Web-site! 

NMSEA Aficionados Include:

  • Members  -  they're the "Heart" of NMSEA
  • Donors  - NMSEA is solar-powered but $$ help a lot!
  • Subscribers  -  to our email "Blasts" & SunPaper
  • Volunteers  -  NMSEA runs on volunteer energy
  • Collaborators  -  kindred spirits & organizations


 This Dedicated WebsiteAND its associated pages allow NMSEA Aficionados to choose what kind of relationship they want to have with NMSEA.  And this website also allows NMSEA to maintain accurate and up-to-date Aficionado membership & contact information.

Interactive Features
NMSEA Aficionados can access this website from anywhere in the World - even outside of New Mexico!
They (and you) can use this website to:
  • Make an on-line donation to NMSEA
  • Join NMSEA - fill out an application & pay on-line
  • Subscribe to NMSEA & NMSEA Chapter email "Blasts"
  • Subscribe to the NMSEA SunPaper
  • Review & Update your NMSEA membership "profile"
  • Renew your NMSEA membership
  • Access Member-only features such as:
    • the NMSEA Membership Directory
    • Special Member Events
    • Special Member "Deals"
    • Member On-line Forums

Links to other NMSEA Websites

The NEW NMSEA Organization Website - for expanded content & information

NMSEA's "Legacy" Website - still alive & well after all these years

NMSEA's Solar Fiesta Website - for detailed Solar Fiesta Info & Exhibitor registration

NMSEA's YouTube Channel - for NMSEA's Renewable New Mexico video series plus selected Solar Fiesta seminar presentations (and more!).

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