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NMSEA Membership Dues

We can't remember the last time NMSEA Membership dues were increased - but it was LONG ago!  Needless to say, all of the expenses associated with keeping NMSEA rolling have gone up a LOT in the past decade.  The NMSEA Board of Directors has voted to re-organize our membership categories and to modify our membership dues - effective January 1, 2015.  And we're adding some new membership "perks" too. 

Individual or Family          $40/yr

Individual Lifetime            $325

Business                          $100/yr

Senior (65)                      $20/yr

Teacher or Student           Free with Application


The NMSEA SunPaper is Going Paperless

The NMSEA SunPaper has been printed & mailed to NMSEA members ever since it was hatched way back in the '70s.  We've made back issues available for download from our website for a long time.  But the cost of printing & mailing SunPapers has steadily increased to the point that we can't really justify it anymore.

Emailing and/or electronically downloading the SunPaper has some significant advantages:

  1. It will be in full color
  2. It will get to you much faster
  3. It will have a much smaller "Carbon Footprint"
  4. Folks will be able to "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" easily using this NMSEA website
  5. We'll be able to reach a much bigger "audience" all around the state (and the country)
  6. As our distribution list grows, we'll be able to interest more advertisers

The Jan/Feb 2015 SunPaper issue will be the last one that we will snail-mail.  All Members - Please make sure we have your current email address.


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